Sunday School

Sunday School at St. Thomas Anglican Church

We are very excited to offer Sunday School, every first and third Sunday, starting at 11.00.  The children sit with their parents for the beginning of the service and then are called to the front.  At this time, a candle is lit and carried by a child to the hall for the start of Sunday School.

The Sunday School runs at the same time as the service. This gives Parents and Grandparents an opportunity to enjoy the Sunday Service while their children are learning about God through readings, games, activities and crafts.  Along with the activities, a snack is provided for the children as well as an opportunity to return to the service during Communion.

Our theme for the year is Transformation.   How do we change as we grow in God’s love?   Each lesson will strive to have time for self-reflection as the students learn more about who they are and how God is present in their daily life.

We have a collection plate and children may add to the collection during our Sunday School.

I look forward to a great year with the children and invite you to visit us and see what we are learning!

Visitors and friends are always welcome!

If you have any questions about the Sunday School program please contact Claire Goertzen at