Anglican Grow Hope Project

Anglican 2022 Grow Hope Project
Once again we are taking part in the Anglican Grow Hope Initiative.  This is an opportunity to focus attention and build relations with other parishes in the Diocese and to remind ourselves of the debt of gratitude we owe to our farms.

This year we have a new partner farmer, Fred Wiebe and his family farm near Springstein, Man.   He will be growing 15 acres of Wheat to support the Grow Hope program.  We are asking for donations to support the input costs of $300 per acre – Fred and his family do all the work, sell the soybeans and donate the proceeds to PWRDF through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB).  Donations also grow through Government matching funds.  $300 can become $1,200.

PWRDF will use the funds to support a project in Kenya, helping to provide lifesaving food assistance for 3,000 households (15,000 people) in drought devastated areas.    Donations can be made to St. Thomas with Anglican Grow Hope in the memo line.

Anglican 2021 Grow Hope Project
Once again, Chris, Leianne and Jonathon Lea have donated their time and 15 acres of land to grow Canola with the net proceeds from the sale of the Canola plus Parish and Individual donations going to the PWRDF account in the Canadian Food Grains Bank.   Due to Covid 19 the Rogation Service will be held through Zoom on June 6 at 11 a.m.  This service will bless and give thanks for the crop components with speakers, videos and music from participants around the Diocese.    Donations are gratefully accepted – for information on ways to donate please see our Donation Page link on the home page.

2021 Update
Due to extremely dry weather conditions the Canola crop did not yield well and Chris Lea was in a position to apply for Crop Insurance.  However, donations received from Parishes throughout the Diocese totalled approximately $11,000.  In past years, Nancy Howatt has donated the proceeds from the sale of a calf at an auction towards Grow Hope.  This year due to the dry conditions and lack of straw and hay for cattle she spearheaded a call for hay to be auctioned off rather than a calf.  Approximately 11 farmers joined in with straw and hay donations and the proceeds from this generous initiative were approximately $15,000.  The amount raised from the donations and the hay auction reached a record of  $25,072All the monies collected from the The Pembina Valley Grow Hope project were directed to the Haiti relief Fund, which is implemented by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank in conjunction with World Renew which has an office in Haiti.  The funds will go to support 2 specific areas impacted heavily by the earthquake and will focus on food security.  The program will deliver 1 month of emergency food assistance and will support farmers with emergency agricultural support such as seeds for the Fall 2021 planting season.  This will be followed by cash based transfers for Food Assistance to 1000 most vulnerable households and support 1000 farmers with emergency agricultural support for the Spring 2022 planting season.   This project also includes many gender equality interventions, ensuring women are equally involved in decision making to ensure that the most in need are selected to receive support. The Grow Hope contribution has been matched at a 4:1 basis and provides a substantial contribution towards the total project budget of $937,684.  The program continues until August 2022.
We are very grateful for all the donations received and for the loving dedication to this project by Chris, Leianne, Jonathon Lee and Nancy Howatt.
Thanks be to God.