Anglican Grow Hope Project

2020 Grow Hope Project

For the third year in a row, the Diocese of Rupert’s Land is supporting the PWRDF work through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) with the Anglican Grow Hope Project. of 2020.   This project has three purposes:
1.  To grow a crop in Canada to create revenue for the alleviation of hunger around the world through CFGB and its member PWRDF.
2.  To engage urban non-farming individuals, families, churches and groups in the farming process.
3.  For non-farmers to learn about farming and food production in Canada and about the people whose lives and health depend on food relief and/or food related projects.

Chris Lea, a farmer and Anglican priest in the Pembina Hills Parishes, has committed to growing 15 acres of oats this year.  The sale price of the harvest will be deposited in PWRDF’s account with the CFGB, minus Chris’crop production costs.    Members of our Diocese are being asked to raise $300/acre or $4,500 to cover those crop production costs for seed, fertilizer, etc.  Chris is donating his land, equipment, expertise and time.

Donations towards this project can be made payable to St. Thomas Anglican Church with Anglican Grow Hope in the memo line.

2019 Grow Hope Project

The second year for the Grow Hope Project was a huge success in 2019 with the canola crop yielding $5,909.  Together with additional donations the project total was $19,814.18   Further to this at a Cattle Auction in Killarney, Manitoba a calf was donated by Nancy Howatt.  The proceeds from this calf totalled $1,292 and was included in the Project.

2020 Grow Hope Project
Once again, Chris Lea volunteered 15 acres of land on which oats were planted yielding 124 bushels/acre realizing a revenue of $6,045.00.  After his expenses, the net revenue was $3,712.93.  Further information on donations from the Diocese towards this project are forthcoming.