Ministries & Projects

St. Thomas Prayer Ministry

In our history, St. Thomas of Morden, MB has had a viable and active prayer chain ministry.  Over time it was abandoned and now, as needs have resurfaced, we are striving to revitalize and maintain an ongoing ministry in this area.

Intercessory prayer comes in many forms and as one way of intercession.  St. Thomas has established a “prayer chain” where people can submit prayer requests for immediate, urgent and long term concerns.  People who have decided to include prayer for others in their daily Christian walk have volunteered to be members of the St. Thomas prayer chain.

Twelve people have come forward to be involved in the prayer ministry.  The goal of this group is to focus on the needs of the individuals who present themselves for prayer.  We have met once to discuss approaches to prayer and over time will grow, adapt and change as the Holy Spirit directs.  We pray, in the name of Jesus Christ and present the needs of individuals requesting prayer to our Father God to provide answers and interventions according to His will.

Those who are involved in prayer ministry have an active and strong prayer life, with daily focus on scripture and a striving to live out God’s word in their lives, all the time recognizing the fallibility of our human nature and a need for reliance on God for all our needs.  If you are a member of St. Thomas church and wish to be a member of the prayer chain, please contact Rev. Diane Guilford at the number listed.

Access to prayer can be achieved in one of the following ways.

  1. Calling or emailing the prayer co-ordinator – Rev. Diane Guilford at 204-823-3383 or
  1. Completing a prayer request card and submitting at church on the offering plate.
  2. Attending the prayer station after communion on the first and third Sundays of the month.

All requests and needs are confidential and will be handled with utmost discretion.  Only those who are members of the prayer chain will be aware of your prayer request.

You don’t need to give great detail about your situation unless you want to as God knows your need and your intercessors recognize that all we need is to pray that God’s will be done in relation to your need.



Parish Outreach Projects

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  • Genesis House
  • Orphan Project
  • Primate World Relief and Development Fund
Mission Discovery Map:
The congregation has developed a map of parish and individual outreach projects,
both local and international. (See Picture Gallery)