Picture Gallery

Remembering Indigenous Residential School Children

Celebrating Ed Maddock 45 yrs as Deacon and his 95th Birthday

Barnabus the Clown AKA Rev Diane

Corn & Apple Parade group

St Thomas with Bruce

Sedar Supper

Jeff Ivey, Maurice Butler Sedar Supper

Bishop Geoff Woodcroft Consecration. Oct 12,2018

Rev. Diane Guilford and Deacon Ed Maddock

Claire Goertzen in Pay It forward Parade

St. Thomas Garden

Ed Maddocks 45th Anniversary as Deacon

Happy Easter – Covid 19


St. Johns Katende
in Central Buganda



Catherine Evenson - Lay Reader

Catherine Evenson – Lay Reader


Dianne Lambert Layreader, Organist

Dianne Lambert
Layreader, Organist